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Website Design for Best of Business Analyst

Best of Business Analyst by Alice is a 📙 French training for people who want to become a business analyst and grow their careers in the business analysis field.

Alice was looking for a perfect solution to manage all these mentorship programs, digital products, ebooks, and other resources on the website in a better way.

Web design for business analyst

IBA Digital is a valuable collaborator who is very available and who looks for the best solutions to manage the problems on my website. I highly recommend them.

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Alice needs a website where she can manage his courses, ebooks, digital products and free resources 🤔

She already had a website for Best of Business Analyst but as it was created by herself, it was not a professional design and built. She realized this and reached out to IBA to create a better website for them.

Alice’s website project was not that simple as it was a big website and needed to have a lot of different functions and features in it. It took a little long to make things possible for her but we did it.

It was really a 😍 great project for us to create a web design for business analyst company

Working with the Best of Business Analyst team and Alice was a great experience for us. 

Clients like Alice who have a vision in mind are always great to work with and we enjoy a lot helping them in their business.

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